Saturday, March 17, 2012

WebSummarizer - Infographic

What problems is WebSummarizer technology addressing?

What it does: The technology provides automatic summarization and visualization of textual information. It allows the readers to rapidly become familiar with a large body of material without having to read it in its entirety. It brings the focus to the key topics and the key sentences.

Presentation modes: The Visual Summary,  the Tree View and the Keyword Cloud presentations  spotlight the essential information and guide the users through the main points.

Examples of key applications: companion to browsers, search engines, content systems, information portals, operating systems. Perfect visual companion for web pages and documents.

Environment: Works with all operating systems and mobile devices. The API provides support for integration with any 3rd party applications.

WebSummarizer - Infographic
WebSummarizer Overview

 You can create your own Visual Summaries and Keyword Clouds.  Just try WebSummarizer.

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About WebSummarizer:
WebSummarizer is a powerful text mining and visualization application.  It offers rapid summarization of web pages and documents, creation of personal and corporate knowledge bases

The summarization results are presented as:
•   Visual Summaries
•   Visual Knowledge Maps
•   Tree Views (structured text)
•   Keywords Cloud, and
•   Visual Summaries and Visual Knowledge Maps can be exported to HTML, word editors and mind mapping applications. 

You can summarize text in English, French, German and Spanish.

         VISUALIZE and SUMMARIZE web pages and documents with WebSummarizer.

BlogSummarizerWebSummarizer and WikiSummarizer are products of Context Discovery Inc.

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