Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bringing the web back to human scale

Steven Rosenbaum says that:
"In a world of bandwidth and content abundance, we're overwhelmed with data, tweets, blogs, check in's and media. It used to be we surfed the web. Now the waves of the web are just too big. Curation is the new magic that makes the web work. Bringing the web back to human scale with human filters you trust and love. A powerful mix of passion and context turns noise back into signal."
 Digital curation is generally referred to the process of establishing and developing long term repositories of authoritative digital assets .Digital curation entails:
  •  Collecting verifiable digital assets
  •  Providing digital asset search and retrieval
  •  Certification of the trustworthiness and integrity of the collection content
  •  Semantic and ontological continuity and comparability of the collection content

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Curation has been a hot topic especially in the world where social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Digg.Tumblr,  and Pinterest are the engines of this new curation trend. We are looking to people in our networks for opinions and references. Essentially we turn to human filtering and human judgment to make recommendations, validate the information sources and improve our experience on the web.

Here is a Visual Summary of an excellent article by Steve Rosenbaum: Why Content Curation Is Here to Stay


To navigate the Visual Summary:
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