Thursday, March 29, 2012

Helping bloggers with writing


Social media are one of the key drivers to make your content widely available to others. All what it sometimes takes is to have some influential tweets and re-retweets to amplify the reach of your message.

Writing compelling content requires effort and time to dig out the details and do the fact checking. 

As a blogger you want to publish the things that matter to you in a free-wheeling authentic style and do it quickly. At the same time you want to provide well-researched factual information with links to credible references that back-up your stories and reporting. Such research is time consuming and could be exhausting.

Also, blogging requires systematic effort of digging through content each day, hour after hour. Even more, you need to do it every time you want to post a quick response or add additional points.

Spirit of Discovery
Spirit of Discovery

What if you could shorten the time and effort and produce your posts much quicker?

Introducing WebSummarizer - Get your keywords!

With WebSummarizer finding the key facts in blogs, news, web pages takes a single click! Just copy the URL of  the web page you are interested to summarize into WebSummarizer and you will instantly see the key topics and summaries presented as Visual Summary.

WebSummarizer helps with rapid understanding of web pages and documents by immediately reducing lengthy text into essential elements - keywords and key sentences. With Visual Summaries you can see key sentences in relationship to the discussed topics. You'll be able to easily pinpoint, understand, and collect the key points that you can immediately put to use in your writing.

You can also present your posts as Visual Summaries directly in your blog. WebSummarizer provides you with HTML code that you can paste into your post and voila! your content is also interactive. This allows your reader the convenience to explore your ideas organized by the key topics!

In short, the Visual Summary helps with writing and reading by revealing the most relevant content to letting you make quick judgments and decide what chunks are of value to you. 

The Visual Summary was created by WebSummarizer.
To navigate the Visual Summary:  * click on any + or - next to a keyword in the map  * or click on the Expand All or Collapse All buttons.      By design, WikiSummarizer is easy to use by everyone. Copy the URL, click on the summarize button and your Visual Summary is ready. If you like, copy the code and paste in your blog for the world to explore it visually.

WebSummarizer - Interesting content made VISIBLE.

About WebSummarizer
WebSummarizer provides tools to VISUALIZE and SUMMARIZE web pages and documents.

The results are presented as interactive Visual SummariesTree Views and a Keyword Clouds and can be downloaded easily published in blogs and websites

The Visual Summary can be navigated in any browser on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The Keyword Cloud is linked with Wikipedia Knowledge Base. When you click on the keyword in the cloud you will be presented with an instant Visual Summary.

You can summarize text in English, French, German and Spanish.

The keywords and summaries are easily exported to other applications such as word editors, browsers, mind mapping applications like Mindjet MindManager, MindGenius, XMind, and any other mind mapping application.

FREE Trial here: WebSummarizer

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