Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tea - Wikipedia Visual Knowledge Map

The subject of this Visual Knowledge Map is Wikipedia's article about "Tea".

The Visual Knowledge Map shows 20 related topics that are discussed in the Wikipedia's Tea article.

In addition, each of the 20 main topics is linked to 10 more related topics. This rich view provides a broad context to stimulate brainstorming and searching for creative ideas.

Overall, the Visual Knowledge Map instantly shows 200 topics giving users a powerful overview and versatile guide to knowledge exploration and visual mapping.

You can click on any topic to see the Visual Summaries for each of the topics.


                                        Tea - Wikipedia Visual Knowledge map

The Visual Knowledge Map is created by WebSummarizer. The Visual Knowledge Maps can be easily published in web pages and in blogs.

Also the Visual Maps can exported to word processors and mind mapping applications like  MindManager, Mindjet, Xmind, MindGenius, iTHoughts.

About WebSummarizer:

WebSummarizer is a powerful text mining and visualization application. It offers rapid summarization of web pages and documents, creation of personal and corporate knowledge bases.

The summarization results are presented as:

   -  Visual Summaries, 
    - Tree Views (structured text), 
    - Keywords Cloud and
    - Visual Knowledge Maps 

In addition the results can be exported to mind mapping applications.