Use Cases - WebSummarizer in your research and learning

WebSummarizer Overview

WebSummarizer automatically creates intelligent summaries from web pages, documents and plain text. It is a valuable research and discovery application providing powerful visualization and efficient text analysis tools.

The blending of visualization with summarization, knowledge browsing, mind mapping, plus integration with 3-rd party tools provides users with a wide range of means to explore relevant web contents, follow social media trends and analyze corporate contents.

The summaries are presented in context of your research topics.

You instantly get the headlines with the most important sentences and keywords. At a glance, without much reading, you immediately spot the key information chunks.

WebSummarizer as your web research companion allows to summarize any Web pages and documents. You can skim through the key points to easily discover what’s important to you. The summaries of interest lead you to the next step by suggesting search refinements. Use newly discovered keywords to make your searches more specific and relevant. In effect, with summarization you substantially reduce the time to discover valuable knowledge.

The summarization helps with answering such questions as:
  • Is this relevant to what I’m looking for?
  • Will this give me the answers I’m looking for?
  • Is this related to my interest?
  • What are the main topics discussed?
WikiSummarizer - a component of WebSummarizer - provides access to the summaries of the entire English Wikipedia.

The Wikipedia Knowledge Base - a component of WikiSummarizer - is a library of all English Wikipedia articles summarized and ready for instant access. Use it for accelerating online research to pinpoint the facts and obtain useful references about the topics you are examining.

Essential facts. With the Wikipedia Knowledge Base you have at your fingertips access to over 3 millions of summarized articles. These articles provide nearly 5 millions of keywords and 28 millions of facts readily available! Each keyword is “clickable” and linked to a relevant Wikipedia article. All information is structured, easy to download and publish as Visual Summaries, Tree Views, Keyword Clouds and as mind maps.

Visual Summary of the WebSummarizer Page
Summarization and speed reading

In fact when we are summarizing, we are zipping through the whole content, homing in on the important chunks. The summaries give us a feel for the whole article. The summarization works like a powerful filter to save time and effort.

With the ability to summarize web pages everybody can become an instant speed reader. With just a click of a button, WebSummarizer extracts the most relevant keywords and sentences!

You instantly see what the web page is about. The key points are highlighted. This brings your view into focus. You can view any part of the text that contains your favorite keywords. You can rapidly take notes and create mind maps complete with references to the sources.

You get more done in less time. You don’t have to struggle with the text or train to become champion speed reader. And you don’t have to struggle with information overload.

What makes an effective summary?
An effective summary is highly readable and focused on the most relevant information. It provides a way to gain quick understanding.

Summarizing is important for strategic readers because it helps rapidly grasp the meaning of text. Providing accurate and concise presentation of the original text's most important points is at the heart of helpful summaries.

The extracted keywords serve as a powerful checklist guiding your eyes from one relevant point to another relevant point. In effect the long original text is reduced without missing the main points and without distorting the meaning and intentions of the original version. The ability to identify the key topics and sentences and present them as Visual Summaries is WebSummarizer's the most valuable capability.

WebSummarizer and WikiSummarizer – key features and benefits

WebSummarizer and WikiSummarizer filtering, summarizing and visualization help users quickly locate the essential information they need on the Web. This is achieved by generating highly effective summaries that allow you to evaluate content by reducing the valuable time you spend on hunting for relevant information.

The key benefits are:
  • Ease of understanding - visual and structured preview of content helps you determine relevance without reading the entire text
  • Easy navigation - keywords and summary sentences are presented in a convenient outline format
  • Convenient downloading of Visual Summaries, Tree Views, Keyword Clouds and mind maps
  • Speedy information reviews - you can scan the keyword list, select keywords of interest and keep in view only the related summaries
  • Rapid note taking – the summarization gives you a head start on note taking by spotlighting keywords and key sentences. You can select the passages and keywords of most interest and download them as structured outlines and mind maps.
  • Convenient referencing and citation sourcing by providing access to the entire Wikipedia content organized as a knowledge base.
Pinpointing Information

WebSummarizer and WikiSummarizer users can efficiently determine the relevance of documents by reviewing the summaries rather than reading the documents in full. Instead of having to read through every document entirely, users are presented with clear summaries extracted verbatim from the original document.

WebSummarizer and WikiSummarizer extract the essential keywords and sentences from documents using efficient statistical and linguistic methods. The summaries are generated in a fraction of a second, providing a highly efficient means for users to preview and assess text information.
Summarization not only facilitates skimming text for highlights, it also provides the flexibility to pinpoint summaries based on topics of interest. Keywords and summary sentences are presented in a convenient outline format. You can scan the keyword list, select a few of interest and keep in view only the related summaries by collapsing or expanding the summaries. This gives you the flexibility to go inside a document and focusing only on the text of most interest to you.

Use cases examples

As a blogger you want to publish the things that matter to you in a free-wheeling authentic style and do it quickly. At the same time you want to provide well-researched factual information with links to credible references that back-up your stories and reporting. Such research is time consuming and could be exhausting. If you feel that you spending too much time researching, examining and aggregating information for your publishing you can benefit from using WebSummarizer.

Use WebSummarizer to quickly pinpoint relevant information to use in your blog posts.

Brainstorming teams
You use brainstorming when you need to find a solution for a specific problem by gathering a list of ideas spontaneously generated and quickly explored for usefulness and applicability. You want to generate lots of ideas in short time. The assumption is that the greater the number of ideas, the greater the chance of producing a radical and effective solution.

Use WebSummarizer to generate a helpful and long lists of ideas. Benefit from WebSummarizer ability to associate diverse ideas and discover hidden relationships.

As an editor you want to keep up-to-date and be meticulously accurate as you review the latest trends, daily news streams and events in your field. You provide a valuable service of comparing, assessing and curating materials submitted for your comments and for publishing. The editing process often is collaboration between the author and the editor as the work is created. As such it relies on creative skills, human relations, and a precise set of methods.

Use WebSummarizer to quickly collect critical notes regarding your editorial subject matter.

As an engineer you are responsible for several projects and a multitude of details in each project. As a professional you must keep up-to-date by staying informed about the latest developments in your field. You provide technical advice and technical reviews. You receive and generate dozens of proposals and must keep current with the vast project documentation and customer cases.

Use WebSummarizer for technical briefings, research and collection of key facts you can put to use in your daily practice.

As a business executive competitive intelligence and your company reputation is foremost on your mind. Not satisfied to be second best, you thrive on gaining actionable knowledge to advance your business. You require relevant information so you can make the right decisions. You need to scope problems to reduce risk. You are fighting information overload, yet wary of blind spots - you can't afford to miss critical facts.

Use WebSummarizer to bring attention to what you need to know most. Relevant facts are quickly discovered and filtered for quick understanding and creation of executive briefings.

As a journalist you write about current affairs, popular topics and you need to quickly react to emerging trends. To get your job done you must invest a significant amount of time researching these topics. You work under strict publication deadlines. It is critical that you quickly scan news of the day and related articles to stay current and well informed.

Use WebSummarizer to quickly preview web search results and on line sources that you follow. Get a jump start to pinpointing the key facts that add credence and insight to your writing.

As a marketer you must read and write a large quantity of marketing materials. You must present the essential information up-front to gain your readers' interest. Your text must be concise so you don't slow down your readers. You publish your material knowing your readers will skim it so you must make sure that your message is always clearly in view.

WebSummarizer discovers keywords and key sentences - a great source of short, easy-to-read, high impact topics and facts to present and catch your readers' attention.

Policy Makers
As a policy maker accurate, current, relevant information is critical to your job. You are responsible for timely preparation and communication of policies, guidelines and briefings. Professionally, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in your field. Knowing that "The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook" you concentrate on what you need to know.

WebSummarizer saves time by delivering summaries - you avoid unnecessarily reading full text. WebSummarizer provides filtering so you easily focus on what you need to know, and skip irrelevant material.

As a researcher you need to rapidly pinpoint online information pertaining to your field of study and easily collect extracts and bibliographic references. You must be agile, easily search across your general subject area, analyze and organize by topics, switch to critical evaluation of potentially relevant material, pinpoint specific extracts that support your research, and launch a brainstorming session when needed.

WebSummarizer finds valuable knowledge with its powerful text summarization and visualization capability. Use it for accelerating online research to pinpoint the facts you need and handily navigate Visual Summaries and Keyword Clouds by specific topics.

WebSummarizer - Use Cases

Sales Professionals
As a sales professional you must be knowledgeable about your product, your customers, and your market segment. Putting information in context means action to you - the action of highlighting the value of your products, demonstrating benefits to your customers, and matching products and services to consumers - all leading to sales. It's essential that you counter information overload with intelligent summarization. You will have more time to spend talking with customers and prospects.

WebSummarizer finds and presents information in context - so you can focus on just information relevant for your products, services and customers. You'll be able to find more relevant information in less time - which helps with increasing sales.

As a student your focus is on learning and gaining knowledge. You may have that feeling of too many courses, too many classes, too many books to read, too much research to do, too many papers to write, too many exams to prepare for - and too little time to do it all. Much of your time is spent reading, looking up information, note taking, and collecting and organizing relevant information which can be referenced in your writing projects.

WebSummarizer streamlines learning by providing on-the-fly summaries of documents and web pages. Perform online research faster by zooming on your favorite keywords while screening out irrelevant material. Quickly collect key summaries that you can reference in your papers. View and publish your work as Visual Summaries, Keyword Clouds and mind maps to facilitate learning through visualization.

As a writer you know that detailed research and preparation are the key to engaging communication. You need to explore your writing subjects, perform online research, collect interesting facts as you go, and keep elaborating on the topics and themes you wish to develop. You try to break content down into its essentials for rapid understanding - then synthesize what you've found for communication to others.

WebSummarizer helps with rapid understanding of documents and web pages by immediately reducing lengthy text into essential elements - keywords and key sentences. With Visual Summaries you can see key sentences in relationship to the discussed topics. You'll be able to easily pinpoint, understand, and collect the key points that you can immediately put to use in your writing.

About WebSummarizer
WebSummarizer is an application designed by Context Discovery Inc. WebSummarizer automatically creates summaries from web pages, documents and plain text. The summaries consist of the most important content and keywords.

WebSummarizer presents the summaries as a Visual Summary, Tree View and a Keyword Cloud. The Visual Summary and the Tree View are interactive content maps that users can navigate in their browsers by keywords to instantly see the key summaries in context.

The summaries are available for export to other applications such as word editors, content management, Web pages, databases, and mind maps. None of the summaries are created or reviewed by people; the entire process is automatic.

WebSummarizer offers also summarization of Wikipedia articles and access to Wikipedia Knowledge base created by WikiSummarizer - a companion application. Our goal in providing Wikipedia knowledge base is to facilitate finding essential facts and identifying the relevant information across ALL articles so we can benefit from the wealth of facts collected in Wikipedia.

About WebSummarizer

Our current release allows to:
  1. summarize web pages, documents and plain text to convert long content into essential interactive structured outlines and Visual Summaries
  2. download the summaries as structured text to speed up your research, publishing, learning and blog writing
  3. download the summaries as Visual Summaries - "A picture is worth a thousand words"- to enable absorbing large amounts of information quicker
  4. embed the Visual Summaries in as interactive maps to allow your blog and website users to interactively explore your ideas 
  5. download the summaries as mind maps to wide range of your favorite mind mapping application
  6. download the summaries as Keyword Clouds to embed them in your blogs and web pages
  7. take notes – quickly collect topics and sentences from all contextually relevant sources such as websites, documents and Wikipedia Knowledge Base
  8. speed-up reading by condensing each article to the essential keywords and contextual summaries
  9. make a long story short – the summaries headline most important sentences and the relationships between topics giving instant information capsules
WebSummarizer supports access and downloading of  Visual Summaries. Tree Views and Keyword Clouds for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone and Android applications and devices.

WebSummarizer supports summarization of content in English, French, German and Spanish.

The WebSummarizer platform is available to corporations and academic institutions to complement their content and knowledge management applications.

If you would like to contact us to find out how the WebSummarizer solution can be extended to meet your needs please contact us.