Wednesday, November 7, 2012

XMind connects to WebSummarizer cloud

The phenomenon of information overload means that we do not have enough time and attention to read all the information that we need. Mind mapping practitioners and students need to review great deal of information to create rich mind maps.

XMind, a leading mind mapping product, and WebSummarizer, provider of summarization and text analytics solutions combined their technologies to assist mind mappers with using summarization in creation of mind maps.

In collaboration they created XMind Summarizer add-in that allows users to generate topics and summaries from web pages and Wikipedia articles. The summaries are then instantly rendered as XMind mind maps.

The process is seamless and the summarization-assisted mind map creation is very fast.

Any topic can be researched using Wikipedia summaries and any web page can be used as as source to render it as a mind map.

The summarization supports English, French, German and Spanish languages.

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Here you can download XMind Summarizer

Brian Friedlander of Assistive Technology created a short demo XMind Integrates WebSummarizer Technology showing how the XMind Summarizer works: