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Visual Knowledge Map - graphical discovery search tool

Visual Knowledge Map is a graphical search tool that visually outlines related keywords and summaries.

Visual Knowledge Map is a part of the WebSummarizer, BlogSummarizer and WikiSummarizer family of products.

When you enter keywords into the Visual Knowledge Map tool, it gives you a set of topics related to your search terms and displays them as a visual interactive map. Then, for each of the discovered keywords, the tool provides ten additional keywords to broaden your discovery context.

The visual nature of the Visual Knowledge Map makes it interactive, easy to use and share.

As you click on a keyword, related topics appear next to your keyword. When you click on the keyword, you get an instant visual summary, based on a relevant Wikipedia article.

Here is an example of the Visual Knowledge Map tool using the Wikipedia knowledge base for text mining and generating visual summaries of the keywords. Let's look at the keyword "Internet" as a Visual Knowledge Map.

To explore the power of the knowledge map, please click on the Expand All and Collapse All plus and minus signs directly in the blog to see how the knowledge map works.


Visual Knowledge Map of the keyword "Internet" derived from the Wikipedia knowledge base

It is also possible to add different content sources for creating knowledge bases; you are not limited to Wikipedia. BlogSummarizer  also supports the rapid creation of knowledge bases from blogs hosted on WordPress and Blogger platforms. Corporate, government, professional, and academic digital libraries can also be used to create customized knowledge bases.

In short, the Visual Knowledge Map tool offers practical and interactive ways of finding related keywords, seeing essential summaries, and building your own knowledge maps in an interactive and visual manner.

Visual, Valuable and Easy to Use

As soon as you try the Visual Knowledge Map tool, you will see how valuable it is and just how easy it is to increase your productivity, your ability to brainstorm and to communicate clearly.

Let’s face it: identifying every single keyword related to the subject of your analysis and research can be overwhelming. That’s why having instant access to the Wikipedia knowledge base and other specialized knowledge bases is essential; the accumulated knowledge buried in millions of documents is instantly at your disposal.

And if you add the ease of publishing in your blogs and webpages so everyone with a browser can benefit from your visual knowledge map it makes it a great tool for research, learning, collaboration and brainstorming. 

How smart is the Visual Knowledge Map tool?

It allows you to leverage Wikipedia and blog knowledge bases to build themed keyword knowledge networks and comes with many powerful and user-friendly features.

  1. Rapid brainstorming help: the Visual Knowledge Map tool takes the guesswork out by taking your keywords and turning them into themed knowledge maps.
  2. The Visual Knowledge Map tells you (with a plus sign) that there are more options for expansion with certain keyword sets.
  3.  There is an editor tool that allows you to add, delete, and edit your own keywords and summaries.
  4. You can generate a summary of any keyword bases in the Wikipedia knowledge base, which is a great shortcut for accessing essential facts and building your own visual knowledge maps.
It is a great shortcut for rapid access to essential facts and building your own visual knowledge maps.

A word of caution: not all results will be relevant to your topic. The Visual Map Tool is not a human brain; however, you can select and add keywords according to your needs. When you peek into Wikipedia's brain, you are going to get results that encompass the entire context of about 4 million articles. That's a lot of brainstorming power, right? 

The non-relevant results are just as valuable as those that you want to keep because they show you how Wikipedia applies your keywords within its huge content which may help you expand your views. This is why using the Visual Knowledge Map tool will help you  discover many gems that you may never have normally unearthed.

You can try the Visual Knowledge Map tool in any of these products, depending on your needs:
 WebSummarizerBlogSummarizer and WikiSummarizer

When you can visually share and communicate your knowledge with others, everyone benefits. This is why the  Visual Knowledge Maps are easy to publish in your blogs and web pages; everyone with a browser - on any device - can benefit from your visual knowledge map. 

This makes the Visual Knowledge Map tool a great help in your research, learning, collaboration, and brainstorming endeavors.

About WebSummarizer:

WebSummarizer is a powerful text mining and visualization application. It offers rapid summarization of web pages and documents, creation of personal and corporate knowledge bases.

The summarization results are presented as:

   - Visual Summaries
   - Visual Knowledge Maps
    - Tree Views (structured text)
    - Keywords Cloud and
    - Visual Summaries and Visual Knowledge Maps can be exported to HTML, word editors and mind mapping applications.

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