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BlogSummarizer – your blog knowledge base companion

Blogs are invaluable information resources and great communication tools. They allow you to share and learn as you go and reach out to interested people outside your regular circles. 

As useful as blogs are, a great deal of accumulated information is lost in the growing archives. 

Blogs are structured to provide only the most recent information. It is far less convenient to find what you need when you have to dig back for information from older posts. This is especially significant when you have authored hundreds of posts over a period of time. In this case, having a tool to organize your information into a handy knowledge base will give you easy access to all of your blog posts in the context of your search.

This is exactly what BlogSummarizer provides.

All your blog post are summarized and indexed and the summaries and keywords are organized  into powerful and easy-to-use knowledge bases. 

To display the content of a knowledge base, BlogSummarizer uses a powerful visualization engine. This engine generates on-demand visual summaries and visual knowledge maps. The visual summaries display the most relevant keywords with summaries, and the visual knowledge maps  provide you with a comprehensive network of related blog posts based on the entire content of your knowledge base.

All visual summaries and visual knowledge maps are exportable to browsers, word editors, and mind mapping applications. You can publish your visual summaries and visual maps simply by embedding them in your blog and web pages. 

Most importantly,  the visual summaries and visual knowledge maps run on all computers and devices: PCs, Macs, Linux, tablets and smart phones. 

What do you need to do to create your blog knowledge base? 

To create your blog companion knowledge base, you just need to provide your blog information to BlogSummarizer

After you submit your blog, the BlogSummarizer will read and analyze all your posts, will automatically create a companion knowledge base, and create a widget for you to include in your blog. The widget will allow all your readers to easily access, navigate, and benefit from your knowledge base.

Here is how the BlogSummarizer widget looks when you place it in your blog:

BlogSummarizer widget - based on the Communities and Collaboration blog 

Let’s review the widget functions since this is your key to unlocking the hidden knowledge in your blog.

In the drop-down list, users can select topics of interest. The system will then suggest the top 10 keywords from your blog:

10 top blog keywords drop-down list suggestions - based on the Communities and Collaboration blog 

The Knowledge Map button

The Knowledge Map button displays a visual knowledge map based on the entire body of writing in your blog. This map is interactive and sharable in any browser. Here is an example: 

Visual Knowledge Map - based on the Communities and Collaboration blog

Blog Keyword Knowledge Index

The Show All Keywords link -- instantly displays the list of all keywords in the blog. There is an alphabetical listing and a frequency listing by the blog's most important keywords. This way, it’s easy for you to see what the predominant topics discussed in the blog are and you can also find any topic alphabetically.

Here is an example of Official Google Blog Knowledge base:

Showing All Keywords Index - Official Google Blog example

As you can see, the BlogSummarizer Index provides Alphabetical and Frequency listing of keywords. The Frequency listing groups the keywords into 3 categories:
  1. Strong - The most important topics discussed in the blog
  2. Normal - Common topics addressed in the blog
  3. Weak - Less frequently discussed topic

Blog Knowledge Base Keyword Search

The Keyword Search button - - allows you to search your knowledge base and instantly display the most important blog posts with summaries related to your search term. Here is an example of a visual summary:

BlogSummarizer Knowledge Base Search Results - based on the Official Google Blog

How BlogSummarizer makes your knowledge easy to publish and share

BlogSummarizer provides powerful and easy-to-use publishing and export tools so that  you can share your knowledge with the entire world.

To publish your visual summaries and visual knowledge maps in blogs and web pages, use the Get HTML Code button: 


To export your visual summaries and visual knowledge maps to browsers, word editors, and mind mapping applications, use these export buttons: 


Here is an example of  using the HTML code to publish the Visual Summary and Visual Knowledge Map in your blog: 

Get HTML Code - example for publishing Visual Summaries and Visual  Knowledge Maps in your blog

In short, BlogSummarizer creates knowledge bases from all your blog posts that are immediately ready for research, learning, discovery and, of course, publishing so that you can share your knowledge with your readers. 

How the blog knowledge base can used

Using BlogSummarizer for creating companion knowledge bases is not limited to a single blog. A powerful way of leveraging a community knowledge is to aggregate personal blogs from several authors into a group’s knowledge base to give the benefit of shared and aggregated knowledge to all users. There are many associations and groups where several bloggers passionately share their views, work, and experiences.

Aggregating multiple blogs into a single knowledge base provides the added benefit of having easy access to rich and valuable points of view. 

Examples of such blogs are professional association blogs, community of practice blogs, academic blogs, and consumer blogs. These and many other types of blogs represent tremendous sources for creating collective knowledge bases.

How can you create your blog knowledge base?

Signing up is really easy. Just go to the BlogSummarizer site:,  register and enter your blog credentials. Then sit back while the system creates the companion knowledge base, provides you with an widget to insert it into your blog...and you’re all set!

About BlogSummarizer:

BlogSummarizer is a powerful knowledge base companions for Blogger and WordPress blogs. It rapidly creates blog companion knowledge bases to allow users easy access to all blog posts in a visual map format. 

The results are displayed as interactive and easy to navigate:

  1. Visual Summaries
  2. Visual Knowledge maps

The Visual Summaries and Visual Knowledge Maps can be exported to HTML, word editors and mind mapping applications: Mindjet MindManager, XMind Pro, MindGenius, iThoughtsHD

BlogSummarizer, WebSummarizer and WikiSummarizer are products of Context Discovery Inc.

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