Monday, May 14, 2012

Creating mind maps with WebSummarizer

Mind maps are type of interactive diagrams used to represent concepts, tasks, or other ideas linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea.

Here is an example of a simple mind map. The central topic is about water and the supportive topics related to water are laid out around the central topic.

mind map - water
A simple mind map example  - Water as the central topic

A mind map communicates visually the key ideas very effectively. The key ideas are clearly visible. The picture provides a very compelling and informative description about the subject.

Mind maps have many applications in learning, brainstorming, business uses, problem solving, collaboration and note taking. It is a very effective tool for clear information structuring and visual summarization.

There is a variety of mind mapping software that provides rich tools for drawing mind maps. The leading mind mapping products also provide rich extensions to combine mind mapping with other productivity tools.

WebSummarizer is a text mining tool that works very effectively with mind mapping applications. It converts the text on web pages into essential summaries organized around the most important keywords. In an instant, a web page is converted into a Visual Summary:

Visual Summary - Coffee
Visual Summary generated by WebSummarizer

Visual Summary is easily exported to mind mapping applications. Here is an example of the process of:
  1. creating a Visual Summary and then,
  2. exporting the Visual Summary to 3 mind mapping applications: 
  •        Mindjet MindManager, 
  •        Xmind and 
  •        MindGenius.
Creating mind maps with WebSummarizer
Creating mind maps with WebSummarizer

Once you export the Visual Summary to your mind mapping application you can easily edit and shape your mind map. Here are examples of the coffee mind map exported from WebSummarizer to MindManager, XMind and MindGenius:

MindGenius mind map
MindGenius mind map generated by WebSummarizer

XMind mind map
XMind mind map generated by WebSummarizer

MindManager mind map
MindManager mind map generated by WebSummarizer

Using WebSummarizer offers a powerful text mining tool and compelling visual presentation that is easily shared with other applications. WebSummarizer instantly converts text into easy to understand visuals and makes knowledge discovery both easy and pictorial. 

WebSummarizer facilitates creation of understanding by making key ideas VISIBLE

About WebSummarizer  
WebSummarizer provides tools to VISUALIZE and SUMMARIZE web pages and documents.

The results are presented as interactive Visual SummariesTree Views and a Keyword Clouds and can be downloaded easily published in blogs and websites

The Visual Summary can be navigated in any browser on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The Keyword Cloud is linked with Wikipedia Knowledge Base. When you click on the keyword in the cloud you will be presented with an instant Visual Summary.

You can summarize text in English, French, German and Spanish.

The keywords and summaries are easily exported to other applications such as word editors, browsers, mind mapping applications like Mindjet MindManager, MindGenius, XMind, and any other mind mapping application.

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