Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Coffee - example of Personal Knowledgde Base

In my previous post "Why we need Personal Knowledge Bases?" I shared some points on the value and use of personal knowledge bases. 

In this post I provide an example of a modest knowledge base about coffee as the main subject.

As an example we will use Wikipedia where the topic of "Coffee" is used in several hundreds of articles.

For practical purposes I will present here the top 50 articles referring to "coffee" as a significant subject.

I use WebSummarizer to generate the Visual Summary and Keyword Cloud to present the key finding about the term "coffee". The Visual Summary can also be exported to other applications such as content management, data bases,mind mapping, word editors, etc.

Exporting the Visual Summaries is a very simple. Just select the desired application and click on the button:
WebSummarizer export formats
Exporting summaries to word editors, web pages, and mind mapping applications

Additionally, the Visual Summaries and Keyword Clouds can be embedded in blogs and web pages by simply pasting HTML code:
WebSummarizer - embedding in Blogger

Here is a Visual Summary example of the top 50 Wikipedia articles showing  the different contexts where the term "coffee" is used.



To navigate the Visual Summary:
 * click on any + or - next to a keyword in the map
 * or click on the Expand All or Collapse All buttons.   

To further explore the various contexts of "coffee" here is Keyword Cloud automatically generated by WikiSummarizer:

Keywords are linked to Visual Summaries of Wikipedia articles – created by WebSummarizer

About WebSummarizer

WebSummarizer provides tools to VISUALIZE and SUMMARIZE web pages and documents.

The results are presented as interactive Visual SummariesTree Views and a Keyword Clouds and can be downloaded easily published in blogs and websites

The Visual Summary can be navigated in any browser on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The Keyword Cloud is linked with Wikipedia Knowledge Base. When you click on the keyword in the cloud you will be presented with an instant Visual Summary.

You can summarize text in English, French, German and Spanish.

The keywords and summaries are easily exported to other applications such as word editors, browsers, mind mapping applications like Mindjet MindManager, MindGenius, XMind, and any other mind mapping application.

FREE Trial here: WebSummarizer

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